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Gruenig 2020 Biochem PharmacolPMID: 32165129Grünig D, Szabo L, Marbet M, Krähenbühl S (2020) Valproic acid affects fatty acid and triglyceride metabolism in HepaRG cells exposed to fatty acids by different mechanisms. Biochem Pharmacol 177:113860.2020
Silva Ferraz 2020 Biochem PharmacolPMID: 32562785Silva Ferraz L, Torres da Costa R, Alves da Costa C, Augusto João Ribeiro C, Costa Arruda D, Stuchi Maria-Engler S, Rodrigues T (2020) Targeting mitochondria in melanoma: interplay between MAPK signaling pathway and mitochondrial dynamics . Biochem Pharmacol 178:114104.2020
Kuehn 2018 Biochem PharmacolPMID: 29909078Kühn B, Brat C, Fettel J, Hellmuth N, Maucher IV, Bulut U, Hock KJ, Grimmer J, Manolikakes G, Rühl M, Kühn A, Zacharowski K, Matrone C, Urbschat A, Roos J, Steinhilber D, Maier TJ (2018) Anti-inflammatory nitro-fatty acids suppress tumor growth by triggering mitochondrial dysfunction and activation of the intrinsic apoptotic pathway in colorectal cancer cells. Biochem Pharmacol 155:48-60.2018
Radenkovic 2017 Biochem PharmacolPMID: 28947276Radenkovic F, Holland OJ, Vanderlelie JJ, Perkins AV (2017) Selective inhibition of endogenous antioxidants with Auranofin causes mitochondrial oxidative stress which can be countered by selenium supplementation. Biochem Pharmacol 146:42-52.2017
Youcef 2015 Biochem PharmacolPMID: 25623731Youcef G, Belaidi E, Waeckel L, Fazal L, Clemessy M, Vincent MP, Zadigue G, Richer C, Alhenc-Gelas F, Ovize M, Pizard A (2015) Tissue kallikrein is required for the cardioprotective effect of cyclosporin A in myocardial ischemia in the mouse. Biochem Pharmacol 94:22-9.2015
Hunter 2012 Biochem PharmacolPMID: 22182429Hunter FW, Wang J, Patel R, Hsu HL, Hickey AJ, Hay MP, Wilson WR (2012) Homologous recombination repair-dependent cytotoxicity of the benzotriazine di-N-oxide CEN-209: Comparison with other hypoxia-activated prodrugs. Biochem Pharmacol 83:574–85.2012
Opalka 2002 Biochem PharmacolPMID: 11992641Opalka JR, Gellerich FN, Kling L, Müller-Beckmann B, Zierz S (2002) Effect of the new matrix metalloproteinase inhibitor RO-28-2653 on mitochondrial function. Biochem Pharmacol 63:725-32.2002
Rustenbeck 1998 Biochem PharmacolPMID: 9776308Rustenbeck I, Eggers G, Reiter H, Münster W, Lenzen S (2020) Polyamine modulation of mitochondrial calcium transport. I. Stimulatory and inhibitory effects of aliphatic polyamines, aminoglucosides and other polyamine analogues on mitochondrial calcium uptake. Biochem Pharmacol 56:977–85.1998
Lilly 1992 Biochem PharmacolPMID:1739421Lilly K, Chung C, Kerner J, Van Renterghem R, Bieber LL (1992) Effect of etomoxiryl-CoA on different carnitine acyltransferases. Biochem Pharmacol 43:353-61.1992
Agius 1991 Biochem PharmacolPMID:1930298Agius L, Meredith EJ, Sherratt HS (1991) Stereospecificity of the inhibition by etomoxir of fatty acid and cholesterol synthesis in isolated rat hepatocytes. Biochem Pharmacol 42:1717-20.1991