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Wang 2023 BiomoleculesWang R, Liang L, Matsumoto M, Iwata K, Umemura A, He F (2023) Reactive oxygen species and NRF2 signaling, friends or foes in cancer? Biomolecules 13:353. 36830722 Open Access
Davies 2022 BiomoleculesDavies KL, Smith DJ, El-Bacha T, Wooding PFP, Forhead AJ, Murray AJ, Fowden AL, Camm EJ (2022) Cortisol regulates cerebral mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation and morphology of the brain in a region-specific manner in the ovine fetus. 12:768. PMID: 35740893 Open Access
Crislip 2022 BiomoleculesCrislip GR, Wohlgemuth SE, Wolff CA, Gutierrez-Monreal MA, Douglas CM, Ebrahimi E, Cheng KY, Masten SH, Barral D, Bryant AJ, Esser KA, Gumz ML (2022) Apparent absence of BMAL1-dependent skeletal muscle-kidney cross talk in mice. 12:261. PMID: 35204763 Open Access
Joshi 2022 BiomoleculesJoshi A, Ito T, Picard D, Neckers L (2022) The mitochondrial HSP90 paralog TRAP1: structural dynamics, interactome, role in metabolic regulation, and inhibitors. Biomolecules 12:880. 35883436 Open Access
Ko 2021 BiomoleculesKo HJ, Tsai CY, Chiou SJ, Lai YL, Wang CH, Cheng JT, Chuang TH, Huang CF, Kwan AL, Loh JK, Hong YR (2021) The phosphorylation status of Drp1-Ser637 by PKA in mitochondrial fission modulates mitophagy via PINK1/Parkin to exert multipolar spindles assembly during mitosis. Biomolecules 11:424.2021PMID: 33805672 Open Access
Kladnicka 2021 BiomoleculesKladnicka I, Cedikova M, Jedlicka J, Kohoutova M, Muller L, Plavinova I, Kripnerova M, Bludovska M, Kuncova J, Mullerova D (2021) Chronic DDE exposure modifies mitochondrial respiration during differentiation of human adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells into mature adipocytes. Biomolecules 11:1068.2021PMID: 34439734 Open Access
Schottlender 2021 BiomoleculesSchottlender N, Gottfried I, Ashery U (2021) Hyperbaric oxygen treatment: effects on mitochondrial function and oxidative stress. Biomolecules 11:1827. 34944468 Open Access
Fecker 2020 BiomoleculesFecker R, Buda V, Alexa E, Avram S, Pavel IZ, Muntean D, Cocan I, Watz C, Minda D, Dehelean CA, Soica C, Danciu C (2020) Phytochemical and biological screening of Oenothera biennis L. hydroalcoholic extract. Biomolecules 10:E818.2020PMID: 32466573 Open Access
Leguina-Ruzzi 2020 BiomoleculesLeguina-Ruzzi A, VodičkovÑ A, HolendovÑ B, Pavluch V, Tauber J, EngstovÑ H, DlaskovÑ A, Ježek P (2020) Glucose-induced expression of DAPIT in pancreatic β-cells. Biomolecules 10:E1026.2020PMID: 32664368 Open Access
Skemiene 2020 BiomoleculesSkemiene K, Rekuviene E, Jekabsone A, Cizas P, Morkuniene R, Borutaite V (2020) Comparison of effects of metformin, phenformin, and inhibitors of mitochondrial complex I on mitochondrial permeability transition and ischemic brain injury. Biomolecules 10:E1400.2020PMID: 33019635 Open Access
Cruz-Gregorio 2019 BiomoleculesCruz-Gregorio A, Aranda-Rivera AK, Aparicio-Trejo OE, Coronado-Martinez I, Pedraza-Chaverri J, Lizano M (2019) E6 oncoproteins from high-risk human papillomavirus induce mitochondrial metabolism in a head and neck squamous cell carcinoma model. Biomolecules 9:E351.2019PMID: 31398842 Open Access
Shrum 2019 BiomoleculesShrum S, Rusch NJ, MacMillan-Crow LA (2019) Specific BK channel activator NS11021 protects rat renal proximal tubular cells from cold storage-induced mitochondrial injury in vitro. Biomolecules 9:E825.2019PMID: 31817165 Open Access
Breitenbach 2016 BiomoleculesBreitenbach M, Eckl P (Ed.) (2016) Oxidative stress in health and disease. Biomolecules p512.2016Open Access
Makrecka-Kuka 2015 BiomoleculesMakrecka-Kuka M, Krumschnabel G, Gnaiger E (2015) High-resolution respirometry for simultaneous measurement of oxygen and hydrogen peroxide fluxes in permeabilized cells, tissue homogenate and isolated mitochondria. 5:1319-38. PMID: 26131977 Open Access
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Muellebner 2015 BiomoleculesMΓΌllebner A, Moldzio R, Redl H, Kozlov AV, Duvigneau JC (2015) Heme degradation by heme oxygenase protects mitochondria but induces ER stress via formed bilirubin. Biomolecules 5:679-701.2015PMID: 25942605 Open Access

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