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Cell Mol Life Sci

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Journal title and website Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences


Lang 2022 Cell Mol Life SciLang M, Grünewald A, Pramstaller PP, Hicks AA, Pichler I (2022) A genome on shaky ground: exploring the impact of mitochondrial DNA integrity on Parkinson's disease by highlighting the use of cybrid models. Mol Life Sci 79:283. PMID: 35513611
Deng 2022 Cell Mol Life SciDeng H, Gao Y, Trappetti V, Hertig D, Karatkevich D, Losmanova T, Urzi C, Ge H, Geest GA, Bruggmann R, Djonov V, Nuoffer JM, Vermathen P, Zamboni N, Riether C, Ochsenbein A, Peng RW, Kocher GJ, Schmid RA, Dorn P, Marti TM (2022) Targeting lactate dehydrogenase B-dependent mitochondrial metabolism affects tumor initiating cells and inhibits tumorigenesis of non-small cell lung cancer by inducing mtDNA damage. Mol Life Sci 79:445. PMID: 35877003 Open Access
Moosavi 2019 Cell Mol Life SciMoosavi B, Berry EA, Zhu XL, Yang WC, Yang GF (2019) The assembly of succinate dehydrogenase: a key enzyme in bioenergetics. . Cell Mol Life Sci 76:4023-42. 31236625 Open Access
Fuhrmann 2018 Cell Mol Life SciFuhrmann DC, Wittig I, Dröse S, Schmid T, Dehne N, Brüne B (2018) Degradation of the mitochondrial complex I assembly factor TMEM126B under chronic hypoxia. Cell Mol Life Sci 75:3051-67.2018PMID: 29464284
Acuña-Castroviejo 2014 Cell Mol Life SciAcuña-Castroviejo D, Escames G, Venegas C, Díaz-Casado ME, Lima-Cabello E, López LC, Rosales-Corral S, Tan DX, Reiter RJ (2014) Extrapineal melatonin: sources, regulation, and potential functions. Cell Mol Life Sci 71:2997-25.2014PMID: 24554058
Herr 2007 Cell Mol Life SciHerr B, Zhou J, Dröse S, Brüne B (2007) The interaction of superoxide with nitric oxide destabilizes hypoxia-inducible factor-1alpha. Cell Mol Life Sci 64:3295-305.2007PMID: 17989922
* Acronym = CMLS