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Citreoviridin is an inhibitor of the ATP synthase which, differently from the FO subunit binding inhibitor oligmycin, binds to the F1 subunit of the ATP synthase.

Reference: Linnett 1978 Biochem J

Application in HRR

Citreoviridin - Cayman Chemical Company: item number 11319.
Citreoviridin was tested as an alternative to oligomycin and has been used at 20 µM concentration to inhibit respiration in intact human glioma T98G cells to the same extent as oligomycin (Ruas 2016 PLOS_ONE.) In isolated mitochonria from rat liver and ox heart it fully inhibited ADP-stimulated respiration at sub-micromolar concentrations (Linnett 1978 Biochem J]).

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