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Burtscher 2018 Front Mol NeurosciBurtscher J, Bean C, Zangrandi L, Kmiec I, Agostinho A, Scorrano L, Gnaiger E, Schwarzer C (2018) Proenkephalin derived peptides are involved in the modulation of mitochondrial respiratory control during epileptogenesis. Front Mol Neurosci doi:10.3389/fnmol.2018.00351.2018PMID: 30319356 Open Access
Harmuth 2018 Front Mol NeurosciHarmuth T, Prell-Schicker C, Weber JJ, Gellerich F, Funke C, Drießen S, Magg JCD, Krebiehl G, Wolburg H, Hayer SN, Hauser S, Krüger R, Schâls L, Riess O, Hübener-Schmid J (2018) Mitochondrial morphology, function and homeostasis are impaired by expression of an N-terminal calpain cleavage fragment of Ataxin-3. Front Mol Neurosci 11:368.2018PMID: 30364204 Open Access
Kopitar-Jerala 2015 Front Mol NeurosciKopitar-Jerala N (2015) Innate immune response in brain, NF-Kappa B signaling and cystatins. Front Mol Neurosci 8:73.2015PMID: 26696821 Open Access
Sun 2012 Front Mol NeurosciSun T, Turk V, Turk B, Kopitar-Jerala N (2012) Increased expression of stefin B in the nucleus of T98G astrocytoma cells delays caspase activation. Front Mol Neurosci 5:93.2012PMID: 23049497 Open Access
Polajnar 2012 Front Mol NeurosciPolajnar M, Ceru S, Kopitar-Jerala N, Zerovnik E (2012) Human stefin B normal and patho-physiological role: molecular and cellular aspects of amyloid-type aggregation of certain EPM1 mutants. Front Mol Neurosci 5:88.2012PMID: 22936898 Open Access
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