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Genova Maria Luisa

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BEC 2020.1 Mitochondrial physiology
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COST Action CA15203 (2016-2021): MitoEAGLE
Evolution-Age-Gender-Lifestyle-Environment: mitochondrial fitness mapping

Genova Maria Luisa

MitoPedia topics: EAGLE 

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MC Substitute - Management Committee MitoEAGLE
Name Genova Maria Luisa, Prof.Dr.

Assistant Professor of Biochemistry

Maria Luisa Genova
Department of Biomedical and Neuromotor Sciences,

University of Bologna, IT

Address Via Irnerio 48, 40126
City Bologna
Country Italy
Email [email protected]
O2k-Network Lab IT Bologna Genova ML




Genova 2019 MiP20192019
Maria Luisa Genova
No abstract, Co-autor of Tioli 2019 MiP2019.
Tioli 2019 MiP20192019
Involvement of mitochondrial respiratory supercomplexes in anti-bacterial innate immunity.
Genova 2018 MiP20182018
Maria Luisa Genova
Respiratory supercomplexes: evidence for separate though interconnected compartments of Coenzyme Q10 in mammalian mitochondria.

MitoEAGLE Feedback

I would like to congratulate with you for the success of the COST action CA15203 on "Mitochondrial mapping: Evolution - Age - Gender - Lifestyle - Environment". I read the abstract published by e-cost and I was favorably impressed by the description of the objectives of the MitoEAGLE network aimed to improve our knowledge on mitochondrial function. I wish I could be a partner of the network! - Maria Luisa Genova (2016).
Given my professional experience in the field of bioenergetics, with specific expertise on mitochondria isolated from animal tissues, I will be mainly interested in the objectives of the WG2. In particular, my team can participate with studies about the mitochondrial function in relation to the supramolecular organization of the respiratory chain where the dynamic presence of the respiratory supercomplexes is a way to shift between the main metabolic fluxes of NAD- and FAD-dependent substrates in different metabolic conditions of the cell. Besides my basic studies on the enzyme interactions with the Coenzyme Q pool, I recently joined an Italian consortium of University laboratories whose target is to shed light on the molecular mechanisms underpinning muscle weakness and reduced muscle mass (sarcopenia) in ageing and attenuated response to exercise training stimuli in the elderly; both animal models and human subjects will be analyzed.
In addition, I will be pleased to contribute to the tasks of WG1 by developing interlaboratory proficiency tests and instrumental platform comparison.
Moreover, as a (potential) MC member of MitoEAGLE I can also offer visibility to the Action itself (i.e. WG5: MitoEAGLE dissemination and training, according to webpages) by establishing new interactions with the International Coenzyme Q10 Association (ICQA) where I act as a member of the Executive Committee. ICQA organizes biennal conferences on new highlights of Coenzyme Q research. In 2015, we held the conference in Bologna ( and we included in the program also some scientific sessions dedicated to mitochondrial bioenergetics and diseases. I will be pleased to enforce cooperation between ICQA and MitoEAGLE. - Maria Luisa Genova (2016).

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