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Gnaiger Carolina

From Bioblast
Name Gnaiger Carolina, MSc.
Carolina Gnaiger

Project Management Elf

Oroboros Instruments

  • Project Management
  • Intellectual Property
  • Conference organisation
  • Awards and PR
  • HR
  • Website content management
  • Responsible for internal compliance and savety
  • MitoFit Preprints - editorial assistant

Carolina joined Oroboros Instruments in October 2018.

Address Schoepfstrasse 18, A-6020
City Innsbruck
Country Austria
Email [email protected]
Weblink Oroboros contact
O2k-Network Lab AT Innsbruck Oroboros



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Gnaiger C 2022 Abstract Bioblast2022
Carolina Gnaiger
Gnaiger Carolina (2022) A collection of stories on project reality: How does a project change organizational identity? Bioblast 2022: BEC Inaugural Conference. In:

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