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Oroboros Instruments

Schroecken AT, 2014 Apr 07-12. Oroboros O2k-Workshop on HRR and O2k-Fluorometry, IOC88.

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Oroboros (2014-04-07) Mitochondr Physiol Network



88th Oroboros O2k-Workshop on HRR and O2k-Fluorometry. Schroecken, Vorarlberg, Austria; 2014 April 07-12.

β€’ O2k-Network Lab: AT_Innsbruck_Oroboros, AT Innsbruck MitoCom


ORO, IOC, 2014, MitoCom 

Lecturers and tutors

Erich Gnaiger
Gnaiger Erich, CEO, Oroboros Instruments
Laner Verena
Laner Verena; Project manager and application specialist, Oroboros Instruments
Fontana-Ayoub Mona
Fontana-Ayoub Mona, Oroboros Instruments
Krumschnabel Gerhard, Oroboros Instruments


Participant Institution
Gennaro Agrimi Agrimi Gennaro IT Bari Palmieri L: Department of Biosciences, Biotechnology and Biopharmacology, University of Bari (IT)
Andersen Marianne University of Copenhagen: Section on Integrative Physiology, Center for Basic Metabolic Research (DK)
Christiane Bauer Bauer Christiane M AT Innsbruck Oroboros (AT)
Boeck Christina DE Ulm Karabatsiakis A: Clinical and Biological Psychology, University of Ulm (DE)
Byro Melissa US PA Philadelphia Margulies S: Department of Bioengineering, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia (US)
Calloway Jones Jessica US MA Cambridge Vernochet C: Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases Research Unit, Pfizer Research Technology Center (RTC), Cambridge (US)
Cejvanovic Vanja DK Copenhagen Poulsen HE: Laboratory of Clinical Pharmacology, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen (DK)
Dhandapani Praveen Kumar University of Helsinki: Biomedicum (FI)
Davis Michael S US OK Stillwater Davis MS: Center for Veterinary Health Sciences, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater (US)
Fischer Silvia DE Frankfurt Schmoll D: R&D TD Metabolism FFM, Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH, Frankfurt (DE)
Sandra Fleischmann Fleischmann Sandra AT Innsbruck Oroboros (AT)
Gaustad Svein E NO Trondheim Rognmo O: Institute of Clinical Medicine, Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Tromso (NO)
Giordano Luca IT Bari Cantatore P: Department of Biosciences, Biotechnology and Biopharmacology, University of Bari (IT)
Florian Hoppel Hoppel Florian AT Innsbruck Oroboros (AT)
Kachappilly Nicole CH Zurich Gassmann M: Institute of Veterinary Physiology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Zurich (CH)
Kjaer Hansen Lis DK Copenhagen Poulsen HE: Laboratory of Clinical Pharmacology, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen (DK)
Legkun German RU Dolgoprudny Motovilov KA: Department of General and Applied Physics, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Dolgoprudny (RU)
Lehti Maarit FI JyvΓ€skylΓ€ Kainulainen H: Department of Biology of Physical Activity, University of JyvΓ€skylΓ€ (FI)
Maedo Kati EE Tallinn Kaambre T: National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics, Tallinnn (EE)
Verena Marte Marte Verena AT Innsbruck Oroboros (AT)
Mendonca Ana Paula BR Rio de Janeiro Oliveira MF: Institute of Medical Biochemistry, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (BR)
Menna-Barreto Rubem BR Rio de Janeiro Menna-Barreto RFS: LaboratΓ³rio de Biologia Celular, Instituto Oswaldo Cruz, Rio de Janeiro (BR)
Nair Syam SE Gothenburg Hagberg H: Institute for Neuroscience and Physiology, Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg (SE)
Nunes Patricia UK London Anastasiou D: MRC National Institute for Medical Research, London (UK)
Rolf Erik Olsen Olsen Rolf Erik NO Matredal Olsen RE: Institute of Marine Research, Matre Research Station, Matredal (NO)
Nogueira Natalia BR Rio de Janeiro Paes MC: Department of Biochemistry, Institute of Biology, Rio de Janeiro State University (BR)
Paes Marcia Cristina BR Rio de Janeiro Paes MC: Department of Biochemistry, Institute of Biology, Rio de Janeiro State University (BR)
Reynolds Merrick US UT Provo Hancock CR: Department of Nutrition, Dietetics & Food Science, Brigham Young University, Provo (US)
Wagenaars Jori NL Nijmegen Koopman WJ: Department of Biochemistry, Radboud University Medical Centre, Nijmegen (NL)
Weidinger Adelheid AT Vienna Kozlov AV: Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Experimental and Clinical Traumatology, Vienna (AT)

Hot topics in mitochondrial physiology - abstracts

 Has title
Agrimi 2014 Abstract IOC 2014-04 SchroeckenAgrimi G, Mena MC, Izumi K, Pisano I, Germinario L, Fukuzaki H, Palmieri L, Blank LM, Kitagaki H (2014) Increased mitochondrial pyruvate dissimilation in sake yeast. Mitochondr Physiol Network 19.02.
Mendonca 2014 Abstract IOC 2014-04 SchroeckenMendonca AP, Rodrigues MF, Amoedo ND, Oliveira MF (2014) Effects of iron on mitochondrial physiology of central nervous system cell lines. Mitochondr Physiol Network 19.02.
Andersen 2014 Abstract IOC 2014-04 SchroeckenAndersen M, Vienberg SG, Novod JB, Brandauer J, Holst B, Treebak JT (2014) Nicotinamide phosphoribosyltransferase knockdown impairs mitochondrial function in mouse myoblasts. Mitochondr Physiol Network 19.02.
Nogueira 2014 Abstract IOC 2014-04 SchroeckenNogueira NP, Baldow QCS, Costa DSS, Domingos J, Laranja GAT, Costa PRR, Dias AG, Paes MC (2014) The effect of nitrones upon clinically relevant forms of Trypanosoma cruzi. Mitochondr Physiol Network 19.02.
Maedo 2014 Abstract IOC 2014-04 SchroeckenMaedo K, Kaldma A, Planken A, Klepinin A, Chekulayev V, Varikmaa M, Tepp K, Chevchuk I, Kaambre T (2014) Regulation of mitochondrial respiration in human colorectal cancer cells in situ: the possible role of beta-tubulins. Mitochondr Physiol Network 19.02.
Paes 2014 Abstract IOC 2014-04 SchroeckenPaes MC, Saraiva FMS, Nogueira NP, Laranja GAT, Coelho MGP, Oliveira MF (2014) Heme increases mitochondrial membrane potential and ROS production in Trypanosoma cruzi epimastigotes. Mitochondr Physiol Network 19.02.
Dhandapani 2014 Abstract IOC 2014-04 SchroeckenDhandapani PK, Dufour E, Jacobs HT, Szibor M (2014) Alternative oxidase-based therapy for heart failure. Mitochondr Physiol Network 19.02.
Wagenaars 2014 Abstract IOC 2014-04 SchroeckenWagenaars J, Willems PHGM, Koopman WJ (2014) Oxygen consumption in OXPHOS-deficient cells. Mitochondr Physiol Network 19.02.
Legkun 2014 Abstract IOC 2014-04 SchroeckenLegkun G, Motovilov K (2014) Investigation on alternative mechanism of electron transport in the respiratory system. Mitochondr Physiol Network 19.02.
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  • It was a pleasure to be with you during the workshop. I was quite impressed with the organization, with the ability of Mona and the kindness of all the components of the team. Congratulations! Besides, of course, the fantastic place! It was precious to understand that using the equipment is much more than to set and get a result. It was also very important many tips given by people who understand and manipulate the equipment, the interaction with various projects dealing with mitochondrial physiology and to know new friends. Many thanks. - Marcia C Paes, O2k-Network Lab: BR Rio de Janeiro Paes MC.

Impressions of the IOC88

~ Photos by Erich Gnaiger, Rubem Menna Barreto and Nicole Kachappilly

O2k-Workshops are listed as MitoGlobal Events.
  • This workshop is a component of the K-Regio project MitoCom.
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