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Qin 2019 J Cell BiochemQin J, Li Y, Wang K (2019) Propofol induces impairment of mitochondrial biogenesis through inhibiting the expression of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-ฮณ coactivator-1ฮฑ. J Cell Biochem 120:18288-97.2019PMID: 31190345
Cecatto 2018 J Cell BiochemCecatto C, Wajner A, Vargas CR, Wajner SM, Amaral AU, Wajner M (2018) High vulnerability of the heart and liver to 3-hydroxypalmitic acid-induced disruption of mitochondrial functions in intact cell systems. J Cell Biochem 119:7678-86.2018PMID: 29923625
Khairallah 2017 J Cell BiochemKhairallah A, Farag AA, Johar D, Bernstein L (2017) Endocrine imbalance associated with proteome changes in diabetes. J Cell Biochem 118:3569-76.2017PMID: 28419534
De Carvalho 2016 J Cell Biochemde Carvalho AK, da Silva S, Serafini E, de Souza DR, Farias HR, de Bem Silveira G, Silveira PC, de Souza CT, Portela LV, Muller AP (2016) Prior exercise training prevent hyperglycemia in STZ mice by increasing hepatic glycogen and mitochondrial function on skeletal muscle. J Cell Biochem 118:678-85.2016PMID: 27447720
Rodrigues 2015 J Cell BiochemRodrigues MF, Carvalho ร‰, Pezzuto P, Rumjanek FD, Amoรชdo ND (2015) Reciprocal modulation of histone deacetylase inhibitors sodium butyrate and trichostatin a on the energy metabolism of breast cancer cells. Int J Biochem Cell Biol 116:797-808.2015PMID:25510910
Erikstein 2010 J Cell BiochemErikstein BS, Hagland HR, Nikolaisen J, Kulawiec M, Singh KK, Gjertsen BT, Tronstad KJ (2010) Cellular stress induced by resazurin leads to autophagy and cell death via production of reactive oxygen species and mitochondrial impairment. J Cell Biochem 111:574-84.2010PMID: 20568117 Open Access
Gniadecki 2000 J Cell BiochemGniadecki R, Thorn T, Vicanova J, Petersen A, Wulf HC (2000) Role of mitochondria in ultraviolet-induced oxidative stress. J Cell Biochem 80:216-22.2000PMID: 11074592