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Name Kabiri Yaschar,
Institution Institute of Toxicology and Enviromental Hygiene
Yaschar Kabiri

Technical University Munich

Address Biedersteinerstraße 29, D-80802
City München
Country Germany
Email [email protected]
O2k-Network Lab DE Munich Zischka H



Kabiri 2021b Methods Mol Biol2021Kabiri Y, Eberhagen C, Schmitt S, Knolle PA, Zischka H (2021) Isolation and Electron Microscopic Analysis of Liver Cancer Cell Mitochondria. Methods Mol Biol 2277:277-287.
Kabiri 2021 Methods Mol Biol2021Kabiri Y, von Toerne C, Fontes A, Knolle PA, Zischka H (2021) Isolation and Purification of Mitochondria from Cell Culture for Proteomic Analyses. Methods Mol Biol 2261:411-419.


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Visiting scientist in the Oroboros O2k-Laboratory


Yaschar Kabiri: Visiting scientist at the Oroboros O2k-Laboratory

  • October 01 to 31 2018