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Radis 2020 ThesisOpen AccessRadis C (2020) The benefits of involvement in scientific networks for firms in the scientific instruments industry. Master's Thesis p70.2020
Rondot 2020 ThesisPDFRondot A (2020) Fuels for winter: the role of proline in overwintering bumblebee queens (Bombus impatiens). Master's Thesis 41.2020
Cedrone 2019 ThesisOpen AccessCedrone M (2019) Low birth weight and post-natal diet induced alterations in skeletal muscle oxygen consumption and fiber type composition. Master's Thesis 83.2019
Ruzickova 2019 ThesisOpen AccessRuzickova A (2019) Horizontal transfer of mitochondria and its role in carcinogenesis. Master's Thesis 85.2019
Pignanelli 2019 ThesisPDFPignanelli CJ (2019) Muscular adaptations to low-load resistance training to repetition failure with and without blood flow restriction. Master's Thesis 80.2019
Reguis Yadao 2018 ThesisOpen AccessReguis Yadao DR (2018) Smooth muscle cell mitochondrial respiration – effects of aerobic training and type I diabetes. Master's Thesis 71.2018
Hayward 2018 ThesisOpen AccessHayward L (2018) The effect of anoxia on mitochondrial function in a hibernator (Ictidomys tridecemlineatus). Master's Thesis 57.2018
Manoharan 2018 ThesisOpen AccessManoharan N (2018) Characterization of mitochondrial respiration in atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) fed with glutamate and succinate enhanced diet. Master's Thesis 52.2018
Bryant 2018 ThesisOpen AccessBryant HJ (2018) The role of mitochondrial uncoupling in temperature responses in Atlantic killifish, Fundulus heteroclitus. Master's Thesis p126.2018
Santos Bertolini 2018 ThesisOpen AccessSantos Bertolini M (2018) Functional study of MICU1 and MICU2 proteins in calcium signaling of Trypanosoma cruzi. Master's Thesis 108.2018
Zhuang 2018 ThesisOpen AccessZhuang Y (2018) Potential application of alternative oxidase (AOX) in neurodegenerative diseases. Master's Thesis p71.2018
Ramil 2018 ThesisOpen AccessRamil LR, Gulbinas A, Cesna V (2018) “HIPEC” hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy. Evaluation of intraperitoneal free cancer cells. Master's Thesis.2018
Ho 2017 ThesisOpen AccessHo DH (2017) The role of MLQ protein in structure and function of mammalian ATP synthase. Master's Thesis p84.2017
Asiri 2017 ThesisOpen AccessAsiri A (2017) Effects of asiatic acid on neurite outgrowth in Neuro-2a cells. Master's Thesis p42.2017
Galambo 2017 ThesisOpen AccessGalambo D (2017) The effect of cardiolipin on vascular smooth muscle cell dedifferentiation, function, and mitochondrial respiration. Master's Thesis p.90.2017
Rowley 2017 ThesisOpen AccessRowley TJ (2017) The effect of cocoa flavanols on β-cell mass and function. Master's Thesis p131.2017
Rodriguez 2017 ThesisOpen AccessRodriguez NW (2017) Acylation of superoxide dismutase 1 (SOD1) at K122 alters SOD1 localization and SOD1-mediated inhibition of mitochondrial respiration. Master's Thesis p66.2017
Welker 2017 ThesisOpen AccessWelker L (2017) Metabolic and morphologic shifts in Neuro2a cells cultured in galactose medium. Master's Thesis p26.2017
Victor 2017 ThesisOpen AccessVictor L (2017) Investigating the possible cytoprotective effects of melatonin isomer against simulated ischemic injury. Master's Thesis 76.2017
Shen 2017 ThesisOpen AccessShen NY (2017) Characterizing protein arginine methyltransferase expression, localization, and function during myogenesis. Master's Thesis p106.2017
Scott 2016 ThesisOpen AccessScott KY (2016) Evaluation of cardiac mitochondrial function in the fructose-fed rat. Master's Thesis p98.2016
Kontro 2016 ThesisOpen AccessKontro H (2016) Mitochondrial function and sirtuin expression in hippocampus of young and old high and low-capacity runner rats. Master's Thesis p35.2016
Gomez 2016 ThesisOpen AccessGomez CR (2016) Mitochondrial responses to anoxia exposure in red eared sliders (Trachemys scripta). Master's Thesis p102.2016
Lashbrook 2016 ThesisOpen AccessLashbrook M (2016) Functional responses of cardiac and skeletal muscle mitochondria to short-term obesity: are all obesities the same? Master's Thesis 63pp.2016
Heim 2016 ThesisOpen AccessHeim A (2016) Tissue-specific seasonal changes in mitochondrial respiratory function and membrane composition in the golden-matled ground squirrel. Master's Thesis p77.2016
Lehtola 2015 Master's ThesisOpen AccessLehtola A (2015) Main protein component of high density lipoprotein, apolipoprotein A1, modulates leukocyte cell respiration. Master's Thesis 1-44.2015