MiPNet16.01 IOC61 Abstracts

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Nuskova 2011 Abstract IOC61Nuskova H, Pecina P, Kovarova N, Dell’Agnello C, Zeviani M, Houstek J (2011) Cytochrome c oxidase with decreased H+/e− ratio in SURF1 knockout mice. MiPNet16.01.
Gabrielova 2011 Abstract IOC61Gabrielova E, Jaburek M, Gazak R, Vostalova J, Jezek J, Kren V, Modriansky M (2011) Evaluation of an oxygen consumption in rat heart mitochondria treatment by polyphenol compounds. MiPNet16.01.
Magnifico 2011 Abstract IOC61Magnifico MC, Arese M, Mastronicola D, Forte E, Giuffre A, Testa F, Sarti P (2011) NO-signalling and cell bioenergetics. MiPNet16.01.
Fasching IOC61-TPP groupFasching M, Sumbalova Z (2011) TPP special interest group during IOC61. MiPNet16.01.
Marelsson 2011 Abstract IOC61Marelsson S (2011) Mitochondrial dysfunction in children with unknown encephalopathy. MiPNet16.01.