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Mitochondrial respiration medium, MitoOx2, developed for oxygraph incubations of mitochondrial preparations to measure the H2O2 production. MitoOx2 yields a higher optical sensitivity and lower "drift" (oxidation of the fluorophore precurcor without H2O2 present) for Amplex UltraRed(R) than e.g. MiR05.

Abbreviation: MitoOx2

MitoPedia topics: Media for respirometry 

Application in HRR

MitoOx2: Mitochondrial Respiration Medium for measuring the H2O2 production

Oxygen solubility factor of MitoOx2 at 30°C and 37°C = 0.95

Chemicals for MitoOx2

Compound Final conc. M [g·mol-1] Company, product code and storage
KCl 120 mM 74.55 Sigma 31248, store at RT
HEPES free acid 20 mM 238.31 Sigma H-7523 store at RT
KH2PO4 10 mM 136.09 Sigma P-5655, store at RT
MgCl2 2.86 mM 203.30 Scharlau MA0036, store at RT
EGTA free acid 0.2 mM 380.35 Sigma E-4378, store at RT
BSA essentially fatty acid free 0.025% - Sigma A-6003, store at 2 - 8 °C

adjust pH to 7.0 (room temperature) with KOH