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Chojnacka 2022 Mol Biol CellChojnacka KJ, Elancheliyan P, Mussulini BHM, Mohanraj K, Callegari S, Gosk A, Banach T, GΓ³ral T, Szczepanowska K, Rehling P, Serwa RA, Chacinska A (2022) Ovarian carcinoma immunoreactive antigen-like protein 2 (OCIAD2) is a novel complex III-specific assembly factor in mitochondria. Biol Cell 33:ar29. PMID: 35080992 Open Access
Chiurillo 2019 Mol Biol CellChiurillo MA, Lander N, Bertolini MS, Vercesi AE, Docampo R (2019) Functional analysis and importance for host cell infection of the Ca2+-conducting subunits of the mitochondrial calcium uniporter of Trypanosoma cruzi. Mol Biol Cell 30:1676-90.2019PMID: 31091170 Open Access
Singhal 2017 Mol Biol CellSinghal RK, Kruse C, Heidler J, Strecker V, Zwicker K, DΓΌsterwald L, Westermann B, Herrmann JM, Wittig I, Rapaport D (2017) Coi1 is a novel assembly factor of the yeast complex III-complex IV supercomplex. Mol Biol Cell 28:2609-22.2017PMID: 28794267
Bareth 2016 Mol Biol CellBareth B, Nikolov M, Lorenzi I, Hildenbeutel M, Mick DU, Helbig C, Urlaub Z, Ott M, Rehling P, Dennerlein S (2016) Oms1 associates with cytochrome c oxidase assembly intermediates to stabilize newly synthesized Cox1. Mol Biol Cell 27:1570-80.2016PMID: 27030670
Bhalla 2016 Mol Biol CellBhalla N (2016) Has the time come for preprints in biology? Mol Biol Cell 27:1185-7.2016PMID: 27079652 Open Access
Stiburek 2012 Mol Biol CellStiburek L, Cesnekova J, Kostkova O, Fornuskova D, Vinsova K, Wenchich L, Houstek J, Zeman J (2012) YME1L controls the accumulation of respiratory chain subunits and is required for apoptotic resistance, cristae morphogenesis and cell proliferation. Mol Biol Cell 23: 1010-1023.2012PMID: 22262461
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