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Khamoui 2020 Physiol GenomicsKhamoui AV, Tokmina-Roszyk D, Rossiter HB, Fields GB, Visavadiya NP (2020) Hepatic proteome analysis reveals altered mitochondrial metabolism and suppressed acyl-CoA synthetase-1 in colon-26 tumor-induced cachexia. Physiol Genomics 52:203-16.2020PMID: 32146873
Pino 2019 Physiol GenomicsPino MF, Stephens NA, Eroshkin AM, Yi F, Hodges A, Cornnell HH, Pratley RE, Smith SR, Wang M, Han X, Coen PM, Goodpaster BH, Sparks LM (2019) Endurance training remodels skeletal muscle phospholipid composition and increases intrinsic mitochondrial respiration in men with type 2 diabetes. Physiol Genomics 51:586-95.2019PMID: 31588872
Pravenec 2016 Physiol GenomicsPravenec M, Mlejnek P, Zídek V, Landa V, Šimáková M, Šilhavý J, Strnad H, Eigner S, Eigner Henke K, Škop V, Malínská H, Trnovská J, Kazdová L, Drahota Z, Mráček T, Houštěk J (2016) Autocrine effects of transgenic resistin reduce palmitate and glucose oxidation in brown adipose tissue. Physiol Genomics 48:420-7.2016PMID: 27113533
Ka 2013 Physiol GenomicsKa S, Markljung E, Ring H, Albert FW, Harun-Or-Rashid M, Wahlberg P, Garcia-Roves PM, Zierath JR, Denbow DM, Pääbo S, Siegel PB, Andersson L, Hallböök F (2013) Expression of carnitine palmitoyl-CoA transferase-1B is influenced by a cis-acting eQTL in two chicken lines selected for high and low body weight. Physiol Genomics 45:367-76. doi: 10.1152/physiolgenomics.00078.20122013PMID: 23512741 Open Access
Zheleznova 2012 Physiol GenomicsZheleznova NN, Yang C, Ryan RP, Halligan BD, Liang M, Greene AS, Cowley AW Jr (2012) Mitochondrial proteomic analysis reveals deficiencies in oxygen utilization in medullary thick ascending limb of Henle in the Dahl salt-sensitive rat. Physiol Genomics 44:829-42.2012PMID: 22805345
Eynon 2011 Physiol GenomicsEynon N, Morán M, Birk R, Lucia A (2011) The champions' mitochondria: is it genetically determined? A review on mitochondrial DNA and elite athletic performance. Physiol Genomics 43:789-98.2011PMID: 21540298 Open Access
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