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Schoonderwoerd KGC

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Name Schoonderwoerd Kees GC, Dr
Institution Department of Clinical Genetics

Erasmus MC

Address Postbus 1738

DR Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 300O DR

City Rotterdam
Country The Netherlands
Email [email protected]
O2k-Network Lab NL Rotterdam Schoonderwoerd KGC, NL Rotterdam Sluiter W



Bettink 2019 Mitochondrion2019Bettink MAW, Harms FA, Dollee N, Specht PAC, Raat NJH, Schoonderwoerd GC, Mik EG (2019) Non-invasive versus ex vivo measurement of mitochondrial function in an endotoxemia model in rat: toward monitoring of mitochondrial therapy. Mitochondrion 50:149-57.


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