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Talk:SE Uppsala Liss P

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2nd Innsbruck-Uppsala MiPNet-Workshop

Thursday 2012-03-01 - MiPNet Reference Laboratory SE_Uppsala_Liss_P

  • 10:55 Welcome - coffee/tea
  • 11:10 Erich Gnaiger: O2k-Module Developments: From TPP+ to Safranin.
  • 11:20 Fredrik Palm and Angelica Fasching: Membrane potential measurements in kidney mitochondria - discussion.
  • 11:40 Continue the discussion - with the OROBOROS wiki Bioblast

12:00 Lunch

  • 14:00 Workshop experiment: Steady-state respirometry with TIP2-feedback control, O2k-Fluorescence LED2-Module (Amplex red), O2k-Spectrophotometry DWL
  • 15:30 Continue the discussion - with the OROBOROS wiki Bioblast
  • 15:50 Coffee/tea
Participants: Per Liss, Peter Hansell, Angelica Fasching, Per Eckerbom, Fredrik Palm, David Harrison, Mario Fasching, Erich Gnaiger, ..
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