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Phosphorylation pathway

Β» Phosphorylation pathway
Β» ATP synthase
Β» Adenine nucleotide translocase
Β» Phosphate carrier
Phosphorylation pathway substrates
Β» Inorganic phosphate
Phosphorylation pathway inhibitors
Β» Oligomycin
Β» Carboxyatractyloside
Β» Atractyloside
Β» Bongkrekik acid

Coupling control

Β» Oxidative phosphorylation
Β» OXPHOS capacity
Β» P-L control efficiency
Β» ROUTINE respiration
Β» R-L control efficiency

Respiratory complexes and coupling

Β» Complex I
Β» Complex III
Β» Complex IV
Β» Proton pump
Β» Electron-transfer-pathway state

ATP production measurement

Β» Magnesium Green

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