Zhou Jing

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Name Zhou Jing, Dr.
Institution Department of Physiology and Pathophysiology

School of Basic Medical Sciences

Peking University


Key Laboratory of Molecular Cardiovascular Sciences

Ministry of Education

Address ,
City Beijing
Country China
Email [email protected]
O2k-Network Lab

Labels: Field of research: Basic 


Liu 2022 Adv Sci (Weinh)2022Liu H, Liu Y, Wang H, Zhao Q, Zhang T, Xie SA, Liu Y, Tang Y, Peng Q, Pang W, Yao W, Zhou J (2022) Geometric constraints regulate energy metabolism and cellular contractility in vascular smooth muscle cells by coordinating mitochondrial DNA methylation. https://doi.org/10.1002/advs.202203995
Liu 2020 Cell Death Dis2020Liu YF, Zhu Juan-Juan, Yu Tian X, Liu Han, Zhang Tao, Zhang Yun-Peng, Xie Si-An, Zheng Ming, Kong Wei, Yao Wei-Juan, Pang Wei, Zhao Chuan-Rong, Tang Yuan-Jun, Zhou Jing (2020) Hypermethylation of mitochondrial DNA in vascular smooth muscle cells impairs cell contractility. Cell Death Dis 11:35.
Herr 2007 Cell Mol Life Sci2007Herr B, Zhou J, DrΓΆse S, BrΓΌne B (2007) The interaction of superoxide with nitric oxide destabilizes hypoxia-inducible factor-1alpha. Cell Mol Life Sci 64:3295-305.


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