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Bioblast alert 2012(08)

  • MitoPedia glossary: Substrate control states in mitochondrial preparations versus intact cells - new perspectives in OXPHOS analysis.
  • MitoPedia topic: The Mitochondrial Global Network (MitoGlobal) aims at providing a WorldWide information platform for scientific mitochondrial organizations.
  • MitoGlobal Events are listed by Mitochondrial Global Network, providing a comprehensive list of mt-conferences, workshops, and educational programmes. Send us your event to be included in MitoGlobal Events.
  • We invite organizations with a focus on mitochondrial research and medicine to submit your contact details, to be included in the List of MitoGlobal Organizations.
  • Preliminary announcement: MiPconference 2013 - Comparative Mitochondrial Physiology MiP2013, Obergurgl, 2013 September 23 to 27.

 Bioblast alert: for information purposes, not intended to be an advertisement. Contributions are welcome.


Multiple O2k-units are offered as a ‘Power-O2k System’ for high-resolution respirometry combined with high-throughput. Many MiPNet Laboratories have increased their high-resolution throughput by multiple O2k-units: Power-O2k

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