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|address=Department of Biology
|institution=Department of Biology

Gent University
Gent University
|address=K.L. Ledeganckstraat 35
K.L. Ledeganckstraat 35
|area code=B-9000
B-9000 Gent, Belgium
|field of research=Basic
|topics=C. elegans

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Name Castelein Natascha, PhD
Institution Department of Biology

Gent University

Address K.L. Ledeganckstraat 35, B-9000
City Gent
Country Belgium
Email [email protected]
O2k-Network Lab BE Gent Braeckman BP

Labels: Field of research: Basic  Topics: C. elegans 


Castelein 2014 Exp Gerontol2014Castelein N, Muschol M, Dhondt I, Cai H, De Vos WH, Dencher NA, Braeckman BP (2014) Mitochondrial efficiency is increased in axenically cultured Caenorhabditis elegans. Exp Gerontol 56:26-36.


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