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COST Action CA15203 MitoEAGLE
Evolution-Age-Gender-Lifestyle-Environment: mitochondrial fitness mapping


MitoEAGLE Copenhagen 2018

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Copenhagen DK, 2018 Aug 06-10. WG 1 and 2 human skeletal muscle workshop and retreat - COST Action MitoEAGLE.


COST Association (2018-08-06) MitoGlobal


Important information

This particular workshop will be for experimental purposes, linked to one of the current projects we are performing in WG2 “OXPHOS capacity in human permeabilized myofibers: effect of oxygen, ADP and blebbistatin in MiR05 and buffer Z”, only.
The number of participants is limited due to reasons of experimental conditions. Therefore only few invitations will be sent out to choosen WG2 members, who are involved in this project. Unfortunately, no other requests can be accepted this time.
An update about the results will follow to all WG2 participants once a summary has been created. This will allow all WG2 participants to contribute in the joint discussions. Thank you for your understanding.


The Maersk Tower
Xlab, Department of Biomedical Sciences
University of Copenhagen
Blegdamsvej 3b
2200 Copenhagen N


Preliminary programme
  • Monday
Introduction day to prepare the experiments
  • Tuesday to Friday
Performing experiments
  • Friday

Local organizer


List of participants

  Participant Institution
Distefano Giovanna Distefano Giovanna Translational Research Institute for Metabolism and Diabetes, FL US
Carolina Doerrier Doerrier Carolina Oroboros Instruments, AT
Gama Pérez Pau University of Barcelona, ES
Garcia-Roves Pablo Garcia-Roves Pablo University of Barcelona, ES
Pesta Dominik Pesta Dominik Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf, DE

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