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US TX College Station White SH

Oroboros O2k-Network

O2k-Network Lab Department of Animal Science

Texas A&M AgriLife

Address Room 249A Kleberg 2471 TAMU, 77843-7896 US
City College Station
State/Prov Texas (TX)
Country USA
Contact White Sarah Haverty
Team Latham Christine
Team previous
Status 3 Power-O2k 2016 –
Oroboros Events IOC114
Topics muscle energetics in performance horses, impact of skeletal muscle energetics on beef cattle production, and mitochondrial dysfunction in aging


Latham 2019 J Anim Sci2019Latham CM, Fenger CK, White SH (2019) Rapid Communication: Differential skeletal muscle mitochondrial characteristics of weanling racing-bred horses. J Anim Sci [Epub ahead of print].
White 2017 Sci Rep2017White SH, Warren LK, Li C, Wohlgemuth SE (2017) Submaximal exercise training improves mitochondrial efficiency in the gluteus medius but not in the triceps brachii of young equine athletes. Sci Rep 7:14389.
Li 2016 J Appl Physiol (1985)2016Li C, White SH, Warren LK, Wohlgemuth SE (2016) Effects of aging on mitochondrial function in skeletal muscle of quarter horses. J Appl Physiol (1985) 121:299-311.


White 2018 J Anim Sci2018Differing mitochondrial capacity in two separate skeletal muscles from calm and temperamental Brahman heifers.
White 2017 J Anim Sci2017Influence of temperament on skeletal muscle mitochondrial capacity of Brahman cows.