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Calabria 2023 BiomedicinesCalabria E, Muollo V, Cavedon V, Capovin T, Saccenti L, Passarotti F, Ghiotto L, Milanese C, Gelati M, Rudi D, Salvagno GL, Lippi G, Tam E, Schena F, Pogliaghi S (2023) Type 2 diabetes related mitochondrial defects in peripheral mononucleated blood cells from overweight postmenopausal women. 11:121. PMID: 36672627 Open Access
Fisar 2023 BiomedicinesFišar Z, Hroudová J, Zvěřová M, Jirák R, Raboch J, Kitzlerová E (2023) Age-dependent alterations in platelet mitochondrial respiration. 11:1564. PMID: 37371659 Open Access
Kunst 2023 BiomedicinesKunst C, Schmid S, Michalski M, Tümen D, Buttenschön J, Müller M, Gülow K (2023) The influence of gut microbiota on oxidative stress and the immune system. Biomedicines 11:1388. 37239059 Open Access
Belal 2022 BiomedicinesBelal S, Goudenège D, Bocca C, Dumont F, Chao De La Barca JM, Desquiret-Dumas V, Gueguen N, Geffroy G, Benyahia R, Kane S, Khiati S, Bris C, Aranyi T, Stockholm D, Inisan A, Renaud A, Barth M, Simard G, Reynier P, Letournel F, Lenaers G, Bonneau D, Chevrollier A, Procaccio V (2022) Glutamate-induced deregulation of krebs cycle in mitochondrial encephalopathy lactic acidosis syndrome stroke-like episodes (MELAS) syndrome is alleviated by ketone body exposure. 10:1665. PMID: 35884972 Open Access »O2k-brief
De Paula Nascimento-Castro 2022 Biomedicinesde Paula Nascimento-Castro C, Winkelmann-Duarte EC, Mancini G, Welter PG, Plácido E, Farina M, Gil-Mohapel J, Rodrigues ALS, de Bem AF, Brocardo PS (2022) Temporal characterization of behavioral and hippocampal dysfunction in the YAC128 mouse model of Huntington's disease. 10:1433. PMID: 35740454 Open Access
Hegazy 2022 BiomedicinesHegazy L, Gill LE, Pyles KD, Kaiho C, Kchouk S, Finck BN, McCommis KS, Elgendy B (2022) Identification of novel mitochondrial pyruvate carrier inhibitors by homology modeling and pharmacophore-based virtual screening. 10:365. PMID: 35203575 Open Access
Markovic 2022 BiomedicinesMarković A, Tauchmannová K, Šimáková M, Mlejnek P, Kaplanová V, Pecina P, Pecinová A, Papoušek F, Liška F, Šilhavý J, Mikešová J, Neckář J, Houštěk J, Pravenec M, Mráček T (2022) Genetic complementation of ATP synthase deficiency due to dysfunction of TMEM70 assembly factor in rat. 10:276. PMID: 35203486 Open Access
Benit 2022 BiomedicinesBénit P, Goncalves J, El Khoury R, Rak M, Favier J, Gimenez-Roqueplo AP, Rustin P (2022) Succinate dehydrogenase, succinate, and superoxides: a genetic, epigenetic, metabolic, environmental explosive crossroad. Biomedicines 10:1788. 35892689 Open Access
Nunn 2022 BiomedicinesNunn AVW, Guy GW, Brysch W, Bell JD (2022) Understanding long COVID; mitochondrial health and adaptation - old pathways, new problems. Biomedicines 10:3113. 36551869 Open Access
Atallah 2022 BiomedicinesAtallah R, Olschewski A, Heinemann A (2022) Succinate at the crossroad of metabolism and angiogenesis: roles of SDH, HIF1α and SUCNR1. Biomedicines 10:3089.[PMID: 36551845 Open Access]
Vorotnikov 2022 BiomedicinesVorotnikov AV, Khapchaev AY, Nickashin AV, Shirinsky VP (2022) In vitro modeling of diabetes impact on vascular endothelium: Are essentials engaged to tune metabolism? Biomedicines 10:3181. 36551937 Open Access
Chi 2022 BiomedicinesChi SC, Cheng HC, Wang AG (2022) Leber hereditary optic neuropathy: molecular pathophysiology and updates on gene therapy. Biomedicines 10:1930. 36009477 Open Access
Vernerova 2021 BiomedicinesVernerova A, Garcia-Souza LF, Soucek O, Kostal M, Rehacek V, Krcmova LK, Gnaiger E, Sobotka O (2021) Mitochondrial respiration of platelets: comparison of isolation methods. 9:1859. PMID: 34944675 Open Access
Bennett 2021 BiomedicinesBennett JP Jr, Onyango IG (2021) Energy, entropy and quantum tunneling of protons and electrons in brain mitochondria: relation to mitochondrial impairment in aging-related human brain diseases and therapeutic measures. Biomedicines 9:225. 33671585 Open Access
Wen 2020 BiomedicinesWen JJ, Cummins CB, Williams TP, Radhakrishnan RS (2020) The genetic evidence of burn-induced cardiac mitochondrial metabolism dysfunction . Biomedicines 8:E566.2020PMID: 33287280 Open Access
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