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Cell Mol Neurobiol

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Journal title and website Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology


Sumbalova 2010 Cell Mol NeurobiolSumbalová Z, Kucharská J, Kristek F (2010) Losartan improved respiratory function and coenzyme Q content in brain mitochondria of young spontaneously hypertensive rats. Cell Mol Neurobiol 30:751-82010PMID: 20145991
Rhein 2009 Cell Mol NeurobiolRhein V, Baysang G, Rao S, Meier F, Bonert A, Müller-Spahn F, Eckert A (2009) Amyloid-beta leads to impaired cellular respiration, energy production and mitochondrial electron chain complex activities in human neuroblastoma cells. Cell Mol Neurobiol 29:1063-71.2009PMID: 19350381
Sipos 2005 Cell Mol NeurobiolSipos I, Törocsik B, Tretter L, Adam-Vizi V (2005) Impaired regulation of pH homeostasis by oxidative stress in rat brain capillary endothelial cells. Cell Mol Neurobiol 25:141-51.2005PMID 15962511
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