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Visker 2024 Exp PhysiolVisker JR, Leszczynski EC, Wellette-Hunsucker AG, McPeek AC, Quinn MA, Kim SH, Bazil JN, Ferguson DP (2024) Postnatal growth restriction alters myocardial mitochondrial energetics in mice. https://doi.org/10.1113/ep0913042024Exp Physiol [Epub ahead of print]. PMID: 38180279 Open Access
Bellissimo 2023 Exp PhysiolBellissimo CA, Castellani LN, Finch MS, Murugathasan M, Gandhi S, Sweeney G, Abdul-Sater AA, MacPherson REK, Perry CGR (2023) Memory impairment in the D2.mdx mouse model of Duchenne muscular dystrophy is prevented by the adiponectin receptor agonist ALY688. https://doi.org/10.1113/ep0912742023Exp Physiol 108:1108-17. PMID: 37415288 Open Access
Mousovich-Neto 2019 Exp PhysiolMousovich-Neto F, Matos MS, Costa ACR, de Melo Reis RA, Atella GC, Miranda-Alves L, Carvalho DP, Ketzer LA, CorrΓͺa da Costa VM (2019) Brown adipose tissue remodeling induced by corticosterone in Wistar male rats. Exp Physiol 104:514-28.2019PMID: 30653762
Cooper 2019 Exp PhysiolCooper MA, McCoin C, Pei D, Thyfault JP, Koestler D, Wright DE (2019) Reduced mitochondrial reactive oxygen species production in peripheral nerves of mice fed a ketogenic diet. Exp Physiol 103:1206-12.2019PMID: 30088302 Open Access
Cooper 2018 Exp PhysiolCooper MA, McCoin C, Pei D, Thyfault JP, Koestler D, Wright DE (2018) Reduced mitochondrial reactive oxygen species production in peripheral nerves of mice fed a ketogenic diet. Exp Physiol 103:1206-12.2018PMID: 30088302
Brunetta 2018 Exp PhysiolBrunetta HS, de Paula GC, de Oliveira J, Martins EL, Dos Santos GJ, Filho AG, Rafacho A, de Bem AF, Nunes EA (2018) Decrement in resting and insulin-stimulated soleus muscle mitochondrial respiration is an early event in diet-induced obesity in mice. Exp Physiol 104:306-21.2018PMID: 30578638
Vigueira 2017 Exp PhysiolVigueira PA, McCommis KS, Hodges WT, Schweitzer GG, Cole SL, Oonthonpan L, Taylor EB, McDonald WG, Kletzien RF, Colca JR, Finck BN (2017) The beneficial metabolic effects of insulin sensitizers are not attenuated by mitochondrial pyruvate carrier 2 hypomorphism. Exp Physiol 102:985-99.2017PMID: 28597936
Edgett 2016 Exp PhysiolEdgett BA, Hughes MC, Matusiak JB, Perry CG, Simpson CA, Gurd BJ (2016) SIRT3 gene expression but not SIRT3 subcellular localization is altered in response to fasting and exercise in human skeletal muscle. Exp Physiol 101:1101-13.2016PMID: 27337034
Chweih 2015 Exp PhysiolChweih H, Castilho RF, Figueira TR (2015) Tissue and sex specificities in Ca(2+) handling by isolated mitochondria in conditions avoiding the permeability transition. Exp Physiol 100(9):1073-92.2015PMID: 26096641
Murray 2015 Exp PhysiolMurray AJ (2015) Energy metabolism and the high-altitude environment. Exp Physiol 101:23-7.2015PMID: 26315373
Jacobs 2013 Exp PhysiolJacobs R, Boushel RC, Wright-Paradis C, Calbet JA, Robach P, Gnaiger E, Lundby C (2013) Mitochondrial function in human skeletal muscle following high altitude exposure. Exp Physiol 98:245-55.2013PMID: 22636256 Open Access
Murray 2013 Exp PhysiolMurray AJ (2013) Of mice and men (and muscle mitochondria). Exp Physiol 98:879-80.2013PMID: 23520340 Open Access
Jacobs 2013b Exp PhysiolJacobs R, DΓ­az V, Meinild AK, Gassmann M, Lundby C (2012) The C57Bl/6 mouse serves as a suitable model of human skeletal muscle mitochondrial function. Exp Physiol 98:908-21.2012PMID: 23180810 ; Open Access
Appaix 2003 Exp PhysiolAppaix F, Kuznetsov AV, Usson Y, Kay L, Andrienko T, Olivares J, Kaambre T, Sikk P, Margreiter R, Saks V (2003) Possible role of cytoskeleton in intracellular arrangement and regulation of mitochondria. Exp Physiol 88:175-90.2003PMID: 12525866
Sies 1997 Exp PhysiolSies H (1997) Oxidative stress: oxidants and antioxidants. Exp Physiol 82:291-5.1997PMID:9129943 Open Access
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