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Gaviraghi A, Aveiro Y, Carvalho SS, Rosa RS, Oliveira MP, Oliveira MF (2021) Mechanical permeabilization as a new method for assessment of mitochondrial function in insect tissues.

Β» Methods Mol Biol 2276:67-85. PMID: 34060033

Gaviraghi Alessandro, Aveiro Yan, Carvalho Stephanie S, Rosa Rodiesley S, Oliveira Matheus P, Oliveira Marcus F (2021) Methods Mol Biol

Abstract: Respirometry analysis is an effective technique to assess mitochondrial physiology. Insects are valuable biochemical models to understand metabolism and human diseases. Insect flight muscle and brain have been extensively used to explore mitochondrial function due to dissection feasibility and the low sample effort to allow oxygen consumption measurements. However, adequate plasma membrane permeabilization is required for substrates/modulators to reach mitochondria. Here, we describe a new method for study of mitochondrial physiology in insect tissues based on mechanical permeabilization as a fast and reliable method that do not require the use of detergents for chemical permeabilization of plasma membrane, while preserves mitochondrial integrity.
β€’ Keywords: Animal models, Bioenergetics, Insect, Metabolism, Mitochondria, Respiration β€’ Bioblast editor: Plangger M β€’ O2k-Network Lab: BR Rio de Janeiro Oliveira MF

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HRR: Oxygraph-2k 


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