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Bioblasts - Richard Altmann and MiPArt by Odra Noel
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Mitochondrial Preservation Medium, MiP03, developed for preservation of isolated mitochondria.

Abbreviation: MiP03

Reference: MiPNet03.02 Chemicals-Media; Gnaiger 2000 Life in the Cold

MitoPedia topics: Media for respirometry 

  • For preparation of MiP03 see MiPNet03.02 Chemicals-Media.
  • 2 mM (+)-α-Tocopherol acid succinate (T3126, Sigma Aldrich, store at RT): dissolve 1.0616 mg in 1 ml Ethanol (100%) and store aliquots at 4 °C in dark glass vials (stable for several months)
  • 1 mM Leupeptine (L9783, Sigma Aldrich, store at -20 °C): dissolve 0.463 mg in 1 ml H2O and store frozen aliquots at -20 °C (at least stable for 6 months)