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Doke 2023 Nat MetabDoke T, Mukherjee S, Mukhi D, Dhillon P, Abedini A, Davis JG, Chellappa K, Chen B, Baur JA, Susztak K (2023) NAD+ precursor supplementation prevents mtRNA/RIG-I-dependent inflammation during kidney injury. Metab [Epub ahead of print]. PMID: 36914909 Open Access
Achreja 2022 Nat MetabAchreja A, Yu T, Mittal A, Choppara S, Animasahun O, Nenwani M, Wuchu F, Meurs N, Mohan A, Jeon JH, Sarangi I, Jayaraman A, Owen S, Kulkarni R, Cusato M, Weinberg F, Kweon HK, Subramanian C, Wicha MS, Merajver SD, Nagrath S, Cho KR, DiFeo A, Lu X, Nagrath D (2022) Metabolic collateral lethal target identification reveals MTHFD2 paralogue dependency in ovarian cancer. Nat Metab 4:1119-37. 36131208 Open Access
Zhang 2022 Nat MetabZhang CS, Li M, Wang Y, Li X, Zong Y, Long S, Zhang M, Feng JW, Wei X, Liu YH, Zhang B, Wu J, Zhang C, Lian W, Ma T, Tian X, Qu Q, Yu Y, Xiong J, Liu DT, Wu Z, Zhu M, Xie C, Wu Y, Xu Z, Yang C, Chen J, Huang G, He Q, Huang X, Zhang L, Sun X, Liu Q, Ghafoor A, Gui F, Zheng K, Wang W, Wang ZC, Yu Y, Zhao Q, Lin SY, Wang ZX, Piao HL, Deng X, Lin SC (2022) The aldolase inhibitor aldometanib mimics glucose starvation to activate lysosomal AMPK. Metab 4:1369-401. PMID: 36358567 Open Access
Merlin 2021 Nat MetabMerlin J, Ivanov S, Dumont A, Sergushichev A, Gall J, Stunault M, Ayrault M, Vaillant N, Castiglione A, Swain A, Orange F, Gallerand A, Berton T, Martin JC, Carobbio S, Masson J, Gaisler-Salomon I, Maechler P, Rayport S, Sluimer JC, Biessen EAL, Guinamard RR, Gautier EL, Thorp EB, Artyomov MN, Yvan-Charvet L (2021) Non-canonical glutamine transamination sustains efferocytosis by coupling redox buffering to oxidative phosphorylation. Nat Metab 3:1313-26. 34650273 Open Access
Lima 2021 Nat MetabLima A, Lubatti G, Burgstaller J, Hu D, Green AP, Di Gregorio A, Zawadzki T, Pernaute B, Mahammadov E, Perez-Montero S, Dore M, Sanchez JM, Bowling S, Sancho M, Kolbe T, Karimi MM, Carling D, Jones N, Srinivas S, Scialdone A, Rodriguez TA (2021) Cell competition acts as a purifying selection to eliminate cells with mitochondrial defects during early mouse development. Nat Metab 3:1091-108. 34253906 Open Access
McCommis 2020 Nat MetabMcCommis KS, Kovacs A, Weinheimer CJ, Shew TM, Koves TR, Ilkayeva OR, Kamm DR, Pyles KD, King MT, Veech RL, DeBosch BJ, Muoio DM, Gross RW, Finck BN (2020) Nutritional modulation of heart failure in mitochondrial pyruvate carrier-deficient mice. Nat Metab 2:1232-47. 33106690 Open Access
Diebold 2019 Nat MetabDiebold LP, Gil HJ, Gao P, Martinez CA, Weinberg SE, Chandel NS (2019) Mitochondrial Complex III is necessary for endothelial cell proliferation during angiogenesis. Nat Metab 1:158–71.2019PMID: 31106291 Open Access
Lee 2019 Nat MetabLee HJ, Noormohammadi A, Koyuncu S, Calculli G, Simic MS, Herholz M, Trifunovic A, Vilchez D (2019) Prostaglandin signals from adult germ stem cells delay somatic aging of Caenorhabditis elegans. Nat Metab 1:790-810.2019PMID: 31485561
Grandoch 2019 Nat MetabGrandoch M, Flögel U, Virtue S, Maier JK, Jelenik T, Kohlmorgen C, Feldmann K, Ostendorf Y, Castañeda TR, Zhou Z, Yamaguchi Y, Nascimento EBM, Sunkari VG, Goy C, Kinzig M, Sörgel F, Bollyky PL, Schrauwen P, Al-Hasani H, Roden M, Keipert S, Vidal-Puig A, Jastroch M, Haendeler J, Fischer JW (2019) 4-Methylumbelliferone improves the thermogenic capacity of brown adipose tissue. Nat Metab 1:546-59.2019PMID: 31602424 Open Access
Ast 2019 Nat MetabAst T, Mootha VK (2019) Oxygen and mammalian cell culture: are we repeating the experiment of Dr. Ox? Nat Metab 1:858-860.2019PMID:32694740
Intlekofer 2019 Nat MetabIntlekofer AM, Finley LWS (2019) Metabolic signatures of cancer cells and stem cells. Nat Metab 1:177-88. 31245788 Open Access