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De Lourdes Jorge 2017 Transplant Procde Lourdes Jorge G, Dos Reis TΓ‘rtaro R, Fazzio Escanhoela CA, Boin IFSF (2017) Later evaluation of ischemia and reperfusion by the Pringle maneuver in Wistar rats, demonstrating that hepatic lesions can be reversible. Transplant Proc 49:898-901.2017PMID: 28457421 Open Access
Tartaro 2015 Transplant ProcTΓ‘rtaro RD, Jorge GD, Leonardi MI, Escanhoela CA, Leonardi LS, Boin IF (2015) No protective function found in Wistar rats submitted to long ischemia time and reperfusion after intermittent clamping of the total hepatic pedicle. Transplant Proc 47:1038-41.2015PMID: 26036513 Open Access
Zacharovova 2005 Transplant ProcZacharovova K, Berkova Z, Spacek T, Kriz J, Dovolilova E, Girman P, Koblas T, Jezek P, Saudek F (2005) In vitro assessment of pancreatic islet vitality by oxymetry. Transplant Proc 37:3454-6.2005PMID: 16298627
Gnaiger 2000 Transplant ProcGnaiger E, Kuznetsov AV, KΓΆnigsrainer A, Margreiter R (2000) Autooxidation of glutathione in organ preservation solutions. Transplant Proc 32:14.2000PMID: 10700947
Kuznetsov 2000 Transplant ProcKuznetsov AV, Brandacher G, Steurer W, Margreiter R, Gnaiger E (2000) Isolated rat heart mitochondria and whole heart as models for mitochondrial cold ischemia-reperfusion injury. Transplant Proc 32:45.2000PMID: 10700961
Stadlmann 1999 Transplant ProcStadlmann S, Amberger A, Kuznetsov AV, Rieger G, Hengster P, Margreiter R, Gnaiger E (1999) Does H2O2-mediated oxidative stress reproduce mitochondrial cold preservation/reoxygenation injury in endothelial cells? Transplant Proc 31:993.1999PMDI: 10083442
Gnaiger 1999 Transplant ProcGnaiger E, Rieger G, Stadlmann S, Amberger A, Eberl T, Margreiter R (1999) Mitochondrial defect in endothelial cold ischemia/reperfusion injury. Transplant Proc 31:994-5.1999PMID: 10083443
Kuznetsov 1999 Transplant ProcKuznetsov AV, Brandacher G, Steurer W, Margreiter R, Gnaiger E (1999) Estimation of mitochondrial damage in heart preservation. Transplant Proc 31:992.1999PMID: 10083441
Steurer 1999 Transplant ProcSteurer W, Stadlmann S, Roberts K, Fischer M, Margreiter R, Gnaiger E (1999) Quality assessment of isolated pancreatic rat islets by high-resolution respirometry. Transplant Proc 31:650.1999PMDI: 10083280
Gnaiger 1997 Transplant ProcGnaiger E, Rieger G, Kuznetsov A, Fuchs A, Stadlmann S, Lassnig B, Hengster P, Eberl T, Margreiter R (1997) Mitochondrial ischemia-reoxygenation injury and plasma membrane integrity in human endothelial cells. Transplant Proc 29:3524-6.1997PMID: 9414821
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