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Journal title and website Circulation Research


Davidson 2020 Circ ResDavidson MT, Grimsrud P, Lai L, Draper J, Fisher-Wellman KH, Narowski TM, Koves TR, Kelly DP, Muoio DM (2020) Extreme acetylation of the cardiac mitochondrial proteome does not promote heart failure. Circ Res 127:1094-108.2020PMID: 32660330 Open Access
Bertero 2020 Circ ResBertero E, O'Rourke B, Maack C (2020) Mitochondria do not survive calcium overload during transplantation. Circ Res 126:784-86.2020PMID: 32078444
Kenny 2019 Circ ResKenny HC, Abel ED (2019) Heart failure in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Circ Res 124:121–41.2019PMID: 30605420 Open Access
Tyrrell 2019 Circ ResTyrrell DJ, Blin M, Song J, Wood S, Zhang M, Beard DA, Goldstein D (2019) Age-associated mitochondrial dysfunction accelerates atherogenesis. Circ Res 126:298–314.2019PMID: 31818196 Open Access
Jia 2018 Circ ResJia G, Hill MA, Sowers JR (2018) Diabetic cardiomyopathy: an update of mechanisms contributing to this clinical entity. Circ Res 122:624–38.2018PMID: 29449364 Open Access
Nan 2017 Circ ResNan J, Hu H, Sun Y, Zhu L, Wang Y, Zhong Z, Zhao J, Zhang N, Wang Y, Wang Y, Ye J, Zhang L, Hu X, Zhu W, Wang J (2017) TNFR2 stimulation promotes mitochondrial fusion via Stat3- and NF-kB-dependent activation of OPA1 expression. Circ Res 121:392-410.2017PMID: 28637784 Open Access
Begley 2015 Circ ResBegley CG, Ioannidis JPA (2015) Reproducibility in science: improving the standard for basic and preclinical research. Circ Res 116:116-26. 25552691 Open Access
Chen 2014 Circ ResChen YR, Zweier JL (2014) Cardiac mitochondria and reactive oxygen species generation. Circ Res 114:524-37. 24481843 Open Access
Dai 2011 Circ ResDai DF, Johnson SC, Villarin JJ, Chin MT, Nieves-CintrΓ³n M, Chen T, Marcinek DJ, Dorn GW 2nd, Kang YJ, Prolla TA, Santana LF, Rabinovitch PS (2011) Mitochondrial oxidative stress mediates angiotensin II-induced cardiac hypertrophy and Galphaq overexpression-induced heart failure. Circ Res 108:837-46.2011PMID: 21311045 Open Access
Karamanlidis 2010 Circ ResKaramanlidis G, Nascimben L, Couper GS, Shekar PS, del Monte F, Tian R (2010) Defective DNA replication impairs mitochondrial biogenesis in human failing hearts. Circ Res 106:1541-8.2010PMID: 20339121 Open Access
Waypa 2010 Circ ResWaypa GB, Marks JD, Guzy R, Mungai PT, Schriewer J, Dokic D, Schumacker PT (2010) Hypoxia triggers subcellular compartmental redox signaling in vascular smooth muscle cells. Circ Res 106:526-35.2010PMID:20019331 Open Access
Korge 2008 Circ ResKorge P, Ping P, Weiss JN (2008) Reactive oxygen species production in energized cardiac mitochondria during hypoxia/reoxygenation: modulation by nitric oxide. Circ Res 103(8):873-80.2008Open Access
Nisoli 2007 Circ ResNisoli E, Clementi E, Carruba MO, Moncada S (2007) Defective mitochondrial biogenesis: a hallmark of the high cardiovascular risk in the metabolic syndrome? Circ Res 100:795-806.2007PMID: 17395885 pdf
Madamanchi 2007 Circ ResMadamanchi NR, Runge MS (2007) Mitochondrial dysfunction in atherosclerosis. Circ Res 100:460-73. doi: 10.1161/01.RES.0000258450.44413.962007PMID: 17332437 Open Access
Michelakis 2002 Circ ResMichelakis ED, Hampl V, Nsair A, Wu X, Harry G, Haromy A, Gurtu R, Archer SL (2002) Diversity in mitochondrial function explains differences in vascular oxygen sensing. Circ Res 90:1307-15.2002PMID:12089069 Open Access
Waypa 2001 Circ ResWaypa GB, Chandel NS, Schumacker PT (2001) Model for Hypoxic Pulmonary Vasoconstriction Involving Mitochondrial Oxygen Sensing. Circ Res 88:1259–1266.2001PMID:11420302 Open Access
Tarpey 2001 Circ ResTarpey MM, Fridovich I (2001) Methods of detection of vascular reactive species: nitric oxide, superoxide, hydrogen peroxide, and peroxynitrite. Circ Res 89:224-36.2001PMID:11485972 Open Access
Archer 1993 Circ ResArcher SL, Huang J, Henry T, Peterson D, Weir EK (1993) A redox-based O2 sensor in rat pulmonary vasculature. Circ Res 73:1100-12.1993PMID:8222081 Open Access
Jennings 1981 Circ ResJennings RB, Reimer KA, Hill ML, Mayer SE (1981) Total ischemia in dog hearts, in vitro. 1. Comparison of high energy phosphate production, utilization, and depletion, and of adenine nucleotide catabolism in total ischemia in vitro vs. severe ischemia in vivo. Circ Res 49:892-900.1981PMID:7173360
Schwartz 1962 Circ ResSchwartz A, Lee KS (1962) Study of heart mitochondria and glycolytic metabolism in experimentally induced cardiac failure. Circ Res 10:321-32.1962PMID: 13909670 Open Access
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