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Name HΓ€gler Patrizia,
Institution Clinical Pharmocology & Toxicology

University Hospital Basel

Address ,
City Basel
Country Switzerland
Email [email protected]
O2k-Network Lab CH Basel Kraehenbuehl S


Topics: Mitochondria, toxicity, liver, vitamin B12 deficiency 


Haegler 2017 PLOS ONE2017Haegler P, GrΓΌnig D, Berger B, Terracciano L, KrΓ€henbΓΌhl S, Bouitbir J (2017) Hepatic effects of pharmacological doses of hydroxy-cobalamin[c-lactam] in mice. PLOS ONE 12:e0171026.
Haegler 2015 Toxicology2015Haegler P, GrΓΌnig D, Berger B, KrΓ€henbΓΌhl S, Bouitbir J (2015) Impaired mitochondrial function in HepG2 cells treated with hydroxy-cobalamin[c-lactam]: A cell model for idiosyncratic toxicity. Toxicology 336:48-58.


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