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:::: [[Image:O2k-Network.png|left|40px|link=O2k-Network|O2k-Network]]
:::: [[Image:O2k-Network.png|left|40px|link=O2k-Network|O2k-Network]]
[[Giovarelli Matteo| Matteo Giovarelli ]]: Visiting scientist at the [[Oroboros MitoFit lab: visiting scientists |Oroboros MitoFit Laboratory]] from Feburary 05 to March 02
[[Giovarelli Matteo| Matteo Giovarelli ]]: Visiting scientist at the [[Oroboros MitoFit lab: visiting scientists |Oroboros MitoFit Laboratory]] from Feburary 05 to March 02 2018

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IT Milan Clementi E

Oroboros O2k-Network

O2k-Network Lab DIBIT-H San Raffaele Institute
Address Via Olgettina 58, 20132
City Milan
Country Italy
Contact Clementi Emilio
Team De Palma Clara, Giovarelli Matteo, Pisoni Serena
Team previous
Status O2k 2008-
Oroboros Events MitoEAGLE 2017 ES, IOC120, IOC54, IOC46


Pedrotti 2019 Sci Adv2019Pedrotti S, Caccia R, Neguembor MV, Garcia-Manteiga JM, Ferri G, de Palma C, Canu T, Giovarelli M, Marra P, Fiocchi A, Molineris I, Raso M, Sanvito F, Doglioni C, Esposito A, Clementi E, Gabellini D (2019) The Suv420h histone methyltransferases regulate PPAR-γ and energy expenditure in response to environmental stimuli. Sci Adv 5:eaav1472.
Jaskiewicz 2019 J Clin Med2019Jaśkiewicz A, Pająk B, Łabieniec-Watała M, De Palma C, Orzechowski A (2019) Diverse action of selected statins on skeletal muscle cells - An attempt to explain the protective effect of geranylgeraniol (GGOH) in statin-associated myopathy (SAM). J Clin Med 8:694.
Pambianco 2016 Cell Rep2016Pambianco S, Giovarelli M, Perrotta C, Zecchini S, Cervia D3, Di Renzo I, Moscheni C, Ripolone M, Violano R, Moggio M, Bassi MT, Puri PL, Latella L, Clementi E, De Palma C (2016) Reversal of defective mitochondrial biogenesis in limb-girdle muscular dystrophy 2D by independent modulation of histone and PGC-1α acetylation. Cell Rep 17:3010-23.
De Palma 2014 Skelet Muscle2014De Palma C, Morisi F, Pambianco S, Assi E, Touvier T, Russo S, Perrotta C, Romanello V, Carnio S, Cappello V, Pellegrino P, Moscheni C, Bassi MT, Sandri M, Cervia D, Clementi E (2014) Deficient nitric oxide signalling impairs skeletal muscle growth and performance: involvement of mitochondrial dysregulation. Skelet Muscle 4:22.
Mandò 2014 Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab2014Mandò C, De Palma C, Stampalija T, Anelli GM, Figus M, Novielli C, Parisi F, Clementi E, Ferrazzi E, Cetin I (2014) Placental mitochondrial content and function in intrauterine growth restriction and preeclampsia. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab 306:E404-13.
De Palma 2010 Cell Death Differ2010De Palma C, Falcone S, Pisoni S, Cipolat S, Panzeri C, Pambianco S, Pisconti A, Allevi R, Bassi MT, Cossu G, Pozzan T, Moncada S, Scorrano L, Brunelli S, Clementi E (2010) Nitric oxide inhibition of Drp1-mediated mitochondrial fission is critical for myogenic differentiation. Cell Death Differ 17:1684-96.


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Visiting scientist in the Oroboros MitoFit Laboratory


Matteo Giovarelli : Visiting scientist at the Oroboros MitoFit Laboratory from Feburary 05 to March 02 2018