Mitochondrial Global Society

MitoGlobal Society

continuing a tradition of rigorous mitochondrial bioenergetics;  integrating molecular, cellular and organismic physiology and pathology.



MitoGlobal Events 2015


Sir John Walker in Trinity Hall at MiPsummer 2012 Cambridge (2012-07-10)

Prof. Vladimir P Skulachev

Honorary members of the MitoGlobal Society


  • Nobel laureate Sir John Walker has joined the MitoGlobal Society as the first 'Honorary Gentle Science Member' of the Mitochondrial Global Society.

  • Prof. Vladimir P Skulachev was elected as the second 'Honorary Member of the MitoGlobal Society' during MiP2015 at the occasion of his 80th birthday.


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The Mitochondrial Physiology Society (MiPs) has changed its name in September 2015 to be seen as the Mitochondrial Global Society (General Assembly at MiP2015).

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